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Professionally Designed CV Templates


Does your   Curriculum Vitae  represent  you  

as it should?

Does it   speak  your persona?

Optimized Content and Crisp Layout Designs are what

AMACHI Digital CV Templates guarantee!

What guarantees your Resume will be picked and read through with excitement?

By nature, humans are attracted by good looks, crisp designs and colors..Yes, colors!


AMACHI Digital curates and designs eye catching layouts for Curriculum Vitae that not only optimize your CV's contents but crisp enough to attract and engage a reader!

1-removebg-preview (1)_edited.jpg

2021 Human Resource Statistics prove that employers spend an average of 6 seconds on a single CV!

Yes!  Only 6 seconds!


Tell your professional story in un-forgettable ways!

Just like the very first sentence of a novel is supposed to hook a reader, so should your Curriculum Vitae!

Let's make it impossible for your prospective employer to put your CV down!

Be among successful job seekers we have helped!


Levin N.
Sales & Marketing Specialist

I used to get no replies when I applied for any job openings but since my CV was revamped using AMACHI Digital templates I got two brand new job offers and still companies are hunting me down!



                                                                    -Sep 2021


William K.

Excavator Operator

AMACHI Digital provided an exceptional professional service in updating my profile and made my resume stand out from the crowd.

I submitted a job application and shortly after nailed the job. Your CV Templates undoubtedly created this momentum. “Just wanted to express my gratitude; You rock!”                          

                                                                      -Nov 2021


Godbless N.
Electrical & Electronics Engineer

AMACHI Digital provided exceptional professional services in updating my resume; created a professional template and detailed resume beyond my expectations. I am optimistic of being a front runner in upcoming job applications.  I am grateful!


                                                         -Nov 2021

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